Monday, September 03, 2007

Some Relatively Dull Photos

Apologies in advance for this gallery, which is comprised of recent postings in either heavily repeated or otherwise visually uninteresting spots. Oftentimes those signs most effective at reaching viewers on the road don't translate well into a photographic context here, primarily due to the fact that all the good vantagepoints are taken up by traffic.

Likewise, locations that are heavily repeated in this blog are done so because they're damn good places to post. A good posting spot should have high, or at least decent visibility to traffic, but also a quiet, relatively isolated staging area.

Quick access to and from your vehicle is also a plus, but only when the ease of said access is not readily apparent to those driving by. Even when the route to and from a sign is relatively easy to figure out though, you'd be surprised at how long some of them will stay up, particularly in busy metropolitan areas. Even if it's just a five minute detour, apparently very few of us have five minutes anymore.

To those people who do take the time to reach my signs and take them down, I salute you. You get it. If you want that sign taken down then you understand it's your goddam job to go do it, not the next guy's.

Likewise, if you want to see signs going up around your neighborhood, then it's your job to put them there.

It's amazing how few people understand that.

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