Saturday, September 22, 2007

Moratorium Day

The night before I painted up a bunch of signs: I used an overhead projector, cardboard from a dumpster and about a dollar's worth of paint. The above took about two hours to make.

On Moratorium Day I drove around the Bay Area putting signs up over and alongside freeways. I hit overpasses, guardrails, signbacks, fenceposts... anything that could be easily seen but not too easily reached. Using bungee cords, binder clips and hammer and nails, I was able to place and secure safely each of these signs in under fifteen seconds.

Between noon and sunset I placed a total of 27 signs along a hundred miles or so of the 101, 80, 580, 99 and 50. When I drove back this morning at least half of them were still up.
While I can't tell you how many people saw them exactly, I can safely say it was a hell of a lot.
When the founding fathers gave us the right to full and unfettered free political speech, I believe that meant we could express our political opinions to as many of our fellow citizens as possible. That's why I put signs on freeways.

I don't know if it does any good...

But it sure feels damn good to do it.

FB - 1663
USA - 1327
(Signs posted since January 1st.)


you know said...

youre awesome.
i wish more people were as motivated as you here in LA

Dennis said...

FB, you rate, you rock, you roll, you rule! (And presumably you do other good things that start with r). I know folks in Ann Arbor, MI had a sign-making party to prepare for freeway blogging on Moratorium Day. I'll try and find out what happened.

tc said...

Scarlet-you the man. And as you say, the key thing is doing it. I don't know whether attending protests does anything, whether signing petitions etc. does anything; but particularly attending protests does feel good. And it become more irritating to talk to allegedly anti-war people who are surely tired of it and who "just want it to stop." And I tell them....well, these motherf*ckers are counting on your inactivity. They won't stop unless you take some action. Anyway, stay strong bruddah.