Monday, September 22, 2008

Washington, Oregon, Alaska

Heading back south now. Would've liked to hang around Seattle longer, but my truck (298,000 miles) has been overheating so I'm nursing her back home. Saw at least half the signs I put in Portland were still up and most all of them I put along the 5.

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scottinsf said...

Good job as usual! Most of those spots are familiar to me as I used to live in Seattle and have slogged down I-5 through Oregon many times. I like the ones down by Grants Pass. Lots of exposure with that first one in particular.

Kind of blows away the "true blue epicenters" argument from anonymous on the last thread.

Oh, and hey, I'm the guy you met a few years ago and chatted with by your truck outside the $3 Bill Cafe when John Aravosis was there for his coffee chat. Keep up the great work.