Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Peace in San Diego

I love this overpass... look at how long it is. (click for full size)

The best way to hang cardboard on a spiked fence is to duct tape a coathangar to the top. In general, coathangar wire makes it easy to attach cardboard signs to pretty much anything.

Here's how it looks from I-5 heading north. Even though it's just a few feet away, you'd have to drive about twenty miles if you wanted to take it down.

I-5 South in Oceanside by Camp Pendleton

I-5 North and South by Lindbergh Field

Trellis behind dumpster area of TGIFridays next to Hwy 163

Interstate 15 North and South.

These signs were made with cardboard and scrap vinyl and lettered with an overhead projector.
They were placed between noon and 2:00 pm and all still up for rush hour. They were easy to make, fun to put up and seen by a couple of hundred thousand people.

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iamonevotedotcom said...

Hey Scarlet,

I got your email yesterday about your west coast peace tour. As you can see, I've started a new project myself.

Keep up the great work!