Thursday, September 11, 2008


"Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran"

(John McCain channeling Weird Al Yankovich... not so funny when you consider that, unlike you and me, he's actually spent time bombing people. Sometimes humor is a cry for help.

In the Revolutionary era, farmers, artisans, and small shopkeepers read and wrote pamphlets, distributed broadsheets, gave speeches at town assemblies, and ripped essays from the presses to debate with one another the points they made. They didn’t subcontract out the patriot’s task of speaking up to a professional pundit class. They saw their own voices as being vitally necessary to the crafting of the Constitution and, even more important, to the life of the new nation.

We have to abandon the passive role we have accepted as mere consumers of media; we must see ourselves in a new light – or rather, see ourselves once again in a revolutionary light – as citizen leaders with responsibilities to speak the truth. - Naomi Wolf , The End of America

Photos Courtesy of a guy in Phoenix with an overhead projector, some paint and a car.

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