Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Signs Posted In 2020

“Not all battles are fought for victory - some are fought to tell the world there was someone on the battlefield.”
 - Ravish Kumar
1st Amendment protected signs placed by freeways in Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond & San Francisco.
"The most important office, and the one which all of us can and should fill, is that of private citizen." — Louis Brandeis

“If kids got raped by clowns as often as kids get raped by preachers it would be against the law to take your kid to the circus.” - Dan Savage

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”  - Alice Walker

"When small men begin to cast big shadows... the Sun is about to set.” - Lin Yutang

"If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the clergy." -Marquis de Lafayette

“If our nation is ever taken over it will be taken over from within.” - James Madison

"You do not know anyone as stupid as Donald Trump. You just don't."—Fran Leibowitz
Signs Posted Since 2003 - 8,270
Arrests - 0

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