Friday, July 06, 2018

My Favorite Overpass

University Ave. over I-80 in Berkeley is my favorite overpass for a few reasons. Primarily, it's easy. Walk through a homeless camp, up some stairs, drop the cardboard in the slot and walk away. 
A few hundred yards to the south is the pedestrian walkway. It's substantially higher than the University Ave. bridge, and the angle gives photos that sea-of-traffic look.

 The other thing that gives it that sea-of-traffic look is that it hovers over 12 lanes or so of some of the slowest, densest traffic in California. I get the six lanes going north: 140,000 cars per day, with some 9,000 per hour during peak hours.

 It's slow, so there's plenty of time to read, and it's Berkeley - Home of Free Speech - and the very last place you'd ever be hassled for, you know... free speech.

Signs Posted - 7,412
Arrests - 0

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