Thursday, March 28, 2013


 "The power to define the situation is the ultimate power." - Jerry Rubin
 Signs and posters placed along I-80, 580 and Ashby Ave.
Quotes by current and former residents of Berkeley, CA.
 "Laughter is the valve on the pressure cooker of life. Either you laugh and suffer, or you got your beans or brains on the ceiling." - Wavy Gravy
 “The wild places are where we began. When they end, so do we.”  - David Brower
 "The First Amendment has the same role in my life as a citizen and a writer as the sun has in our ecosystem." - Michael Chabon
 "LSD is a drug that causes insanity in people who have not taken it." - Timothy Leary
 "When you ain't got no money, you gotta get an attitude." - Richard Pryor

YTD - 161

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