Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Urban Dictionary!

 "A piece of human garbage, this simple minded creep slinks around the freeways of California putting up lame signs that show his ignorance and his arrogance..."

 Along with three (count 'em three!) Urban Dictionary articles, my biggest fan has set up Freewayblogger MySpace, Facebook and Twitter accounts!
These, along with hours of YouTube comment countervoting and Blogger spamming make for one of the hardest working trolls on the internet. 

"A coward in the strongest sense of the word, this feeble minded pantywaist attempts to drum up support for his laughable ideology through the use of unintelligent and silly hand made signs..."  Urban Dictionary

 "A fat, blubbering idiot with no intelligence whatsoever. He paints silly little signs, puts them up on the freeway, then blogs about it on the interwebs. He holds himself in high regard, although most people who encounter him just see him as the overweight slob that he is." Urban Dictionary

YTD - 727


Gail said...

Wow, I'm impressed!! Congratulations, it's great to see that all your hard work is getting recognition.

Alex said...

What nonsense small minds are capable of! Never mind them.

Thank you for your extraordinary dedication and relentless example! Thank you for the quotes you put up along with the photos too; they've been among the most illuminating words I've read in a while.

Keep up the great work!

John Filthy said...

Extreme trolling. How do people find the time? And why?!