Monday, March 05, 2012

The Medium is the Message

When I started doing this I didn't think it'd take more than a hundred signs or so, seen over and over again, for people to realize what a deal I was getting in terms of free political advertising.
After all, when people see the same sign every day for a week or two, it must occur to at least some of them that the 50,000 drivers in front of them and the 50,000 drivers behind them are seeing it too. After a while these numbers begin to add up.
Admittedly, using McLuhan is a bit of a dog-whistle for the intelligentsia, but I figure the average driver should be able to get it. If not, then their commute's just a tad more surreal. No harm in that...
Just ten days left for the EcoSlogan Contest...
Signs placed March 4th on the 10, 110, 101 and 405 in LA and Orange County.

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