Monday, December 05, 2011


San Francisco (Three days @ 90,000+ viewers per day)
Berkeley (Five days @ 110,000+ viewers per day)
Statistic courtesy of Communist Agitprop Forbes Magazine
Los Angeles (duration unknown)

These signs are made quickly, easily and cheaply using scrap cardboard, paint and an overhead projector. I place them by driving around and determining which spots are easiest to see and most difficult to get to from the road. I can attach them to fencing within seconds using bungee cords and duct tape. By attaching them to the inside of the fencing there is no danger whatsoever of their falling into traffic.

These two signs (above and below) were placed in not-very-well-sealed overpasses over the Santa Monica and San Diego Freeways. Each has stayed up for over a month, passed by over 110,000 and 120,000 drivers per day respectively.

Novato and Larkspur, California (Three and five days+ at 80,000 drivers per day.)
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Mungen Cakes said...

Me likey.

Kos just tweeted this link.

Anonymous said...

The freeway blogging is awesome, thanks.

But I guess I'm dumb, because I don't have any idea what "scrapitalism" is supposed to mean.

Anonymous said...

Really, Anon? It's where they get the wealth and we fight each other for the scraps -- just the way the 1% have always liked it.

(me, delagar)

Jafafa Hots said...

I'd call it Crapitalism.

kbeck208 said...

Most excellent work, my friend. I still paint every week, because of you.
All good things,
Kate, Coronado

Anonymous said...

Just came here by way of a link at Eschaton.

Cool sign.

I do tend to agree with Jafafa, though -- the leading "s" which transforms "crap" to "scrap" seems like a bowdlerization of the message.

Hell, call it what it really is!

Unknown said...

Great work.... stay up!
You sir are a hero to the people :)

+1 vote for a "CRAP"ITALISM sign too!

When the system sucks for 99% of us, it is high time for all to gather together with intention to throw the system away and build something new & positive.

Anonymous said...

What's the projector for?

Freewayblogger said...

Print (via computer) your message onto a transparency, then use the projector to shine it onto the white cardboard. Trace letter outlines and fill in w/paint.

OccupyKernRiverValley said...

Fantastic! Time to dust off the kit and get to work.

Freewayblogger said...

Great to hear from The Occupation! Send pix if you can.

ann arky said...

I admire you ingenuity and energy, like the late Bill Hicks said, "Just throwing seeds, just throwing seeds" Who know how many will take root and grow. More steam to your boiler.