Friday, November 26, 2010

Fair Game

This sign was placed over the Pasadena Freeway near downtown LA on October 29th, timed to coincide with the opening of the film "Fair Game" about Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame. (My apologies for the photo quality, it was taken off a computer screen.) The sign itself stayed up for 22 hours, including that Friday's rush hour.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Still the same partisan pussy you've been for years. Funny how now that the Negro is basicially following President Bush's footsteps and has been proven to be a liar (Guantanamo, tax cuts, etc), you don't say a thing about him. And, seems like the wars must be over since you don't post any of your retarded signs anymore. What a pussy.

Freewayblogger said...

Gosh Anonymous, what made you think I'd switch parties? Republicans denying healthcare to the 9/11 first responders?

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but your party's leader, Sarah Palin, has deemed use of the word "retarded" to be politically incorrect. It's a pity your vocabulary building lessons haven't taken yet, but glad to see you're still choking over the President's race. Stay classy.

Tribuno Del Popolo said...

The Tribunes of the People have no more use for left-wing racist trolls than they do right-wing ones. We are grateful to the Freeway Blogger for enabling us to publish our work, and encourage those who feel that Obama's administration constitutes Bush's third term to get off their puerile racist duffs and work to improve things rather than littering this blog with their nitwit observations.