Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Phoenix: At Least It's A Dry Hate

Hey Scarlet, Greetings from Arizona:
We broke out the overhead projector to ridicule Sen. John McCain for running this advertisement. He looks so certain that the answer to Arizona’s problems is to “finish the dang fence.” I haven’t seen the ad for a while, but it is interesting to note that the anti-immigrant sheriff with whom he’s strolling along the ridiculously-easy-to-scale border wall comes from a non-border county. Seems there’s no depth too low for politicians to sink when it comes to pounding the immigrants in order to win the xenophobia vote.

Oh, wait, here’s a guy who went a little lower. Too bad there aren’t words that can be used to score a cheap pun using this candidate’s name: Barry Wong.
Next are a couple of signs that are posted in honor of the AZ governor who speaks with forked tongue. She has no way of knowing how many border crossers are out there, since no one knows the number who are there and don’t get caught, but she has assured her anti-immigrant base that most of them are smuggling drugs. Oh, and the rash of beheadings has to be a highlight in the “How to Win Elections Using Bullshit” manual. A journalist on a talk show actually told her that there were no reports of beheadings, but did that fact resonate with our Guv? Once your pointed your wagon down the fecal trail, there’s nothing left do to but plow ahead.

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