Thursday, February 26, 2009

Powdered Mengele

Dear Freewayblogger,
I saw a video on Crooks and Liars of white phosphorus being used on Gaza so I printed these up and tagged a couple blocks around the Israeli Consulate in SF. I wore an overcoat with a small can of spray adhesive tucked into one sleeve so it was pretty easy to be discreet. Besides, if they can drop that shit out of airplanes onto people and get away with it I'll be damned if I'm gonna worry too much about sticking up pieces of paper.

When I was a kid I saw a picture in a book about the Holocaust that showed a Nazi scientist standing beside a body on a gurney. The body was covered by a sheet except for the legs that had been burned away to the bones. The caption said they'd been burned off with a blowtorch to see how much pain a human being could endure. I was something like ten years old when I saw that picture and I never forgot it.

I'm Jewish and when I was growing up believe me the Israelis were the good guys... I mean they were the really really good guys, and I just can't believe this shit's happening. I know it's not quite putting signs on the freeways, but it felt good to do something. Thanks for the inspiration. -Pissed Off Jew in SF

P.S. : Your "Peace on Earth" sign at the 280/101 split's been up for something like a year now.

From Amnesty International


Anonymous said...

it come from our meme evoulution, by language we couldn't differentiate between statement "Israelis were the good guys" and "the good guys were Israelis", our consciousness will fade indistinctly. take from black swan - Nasem Nicholas Thaleb

Progressive Pinhead said...

With so much hatred out there it is refreshing to see that there are still plenty of people who understand that human rights isn't a sectarian principle.