Friday, December 12, 2008

New Visitors Gallery

Check out our New Visitors Gallery!

Page Two

(Galleries are still under construction: Y'all put up thousands of signs.)


Ali Dahmash said...

Man, you make me proud of Americans! I think this might interest you as well. Some of my readers wanted me to post some books about Islam, Middle East and Palestine in my Blog, you can check it out

Anonymous said...

Looking at your blog I see quite a few allusions to the oil industry but none to the Israel Lobby. You also seem to enjoy mocking Christian iconography. Hmmmm.

Try searching for "Representative Press" on youtube. Pick up a copy of "The Transparent Cabal" or read a little James Petras. This war is being fought to further the neocon's agenda of making the Middle East safer for Israel.

(followed by way-too-long excerpt from "The Transparent Cabal" -FB) comment

Freewayblogger said...

Anon- these signs were put up by people across the USA. I'm sorry they didn't say what you wanted them to.