Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Tribunes of the People

(from our mailbox:)
The Tribunes of the People are a small group of middle-aged malcontents operating near Hollywood, California. Disillusioned and embittered by the unwillingness of the Hollywood studios to film their screenplay "Zorro and Hamlet Meet Godzilla," they've re-dedicated their lives to telling political rather than artistic truths to the masses through the medium of freeway blogging.
They have worked primarily on foam core sheets obtainable at art supply stores with duct-tape lettering, but as the Freeway Blogger has pointed out, this can be a pricey business, so they intend to switch to the classic method of projecting from transparencies onto painted cardboard.
While hoping fervently that the advent of the Obama administration will lessen the need for their activism, they are not sanguine, keeping their powder dry and their signs at the ready.

Electronic Frontier Foundation


Chuck said...


Distributorcap said...

can you put some up in florida

commutergal said...

Love you, Freeway Blogger! A friend recently forwarded me your blog page and I've been reading and loving it. Especially interested in the freeway signage. I do a commuting blog in the San Francisco Bay Area - Pooling Around ( - and would love to see some of that signage up here.

We could have used a few signs during this last summer's increased bridge tolls for all commuters (first time tolls for carpoolers). A huge issue, the contention still going on.

Kudos. Commuter Gal