Friday, September 19, 2008

Freewayblogging Seattle

The fence above between I-5 and Kobe Terrace Park is the best place to hang a sign in Seattle. It's quiet, secluded, highly visible and utterly unreachable to traffic.

A lot of traffic.

This is another great spot. Park at Lake Washington Bvld. South and South Irving.

Fencing around cel tower at Park and Ride lot, 5th Ave. NE just north of the Roosevelt Way exit off I-5

Fencing bordering Bellevue Place. Park at lot at the intersection of Lakeview Bvld E. and Belmont Ave. E.

Wall bordering I-90. Park at 21st Ave. South and South Judkins, walk across park to wall.

How to attach vinyl banner to wall: with rocks. (Available on site.) This also works with large cardboard boxes if you keep the flaps attached. ONLY use walls set way back from the freeway: NEVER over traffic (obviously.)

Parking lot at the end of 106th St. by Northgate. The easiest, most elegant way of signposting is between fences and bushes.

Pedestrian walkway by Rainier Ave. exit, I-90

How to make signs.


Anonymous said...

You seem to travel a lot, but you never seem to put your messages up in any place other than true-blue epicenters. Again, preaching to the choir. If you were a real patriot, you would go somewhere where your message wasn't so tolerated. But, pussy is as pussy does.

Freewayblogger said...

Gee anonymous, that's really harsh coming from someone who's never left their mom's basement.

All kidding aside, the medium really is the message here, so I won't be preaching to the choir until the freeways are covered with signs.

Freewayblogger said...

Speaking of travel, I just went over Sarah Palin's bio and apparently, apart from a brief stint in Hawaii, the poor thing had never been anywhere except Boise and Wasilla! Now I know you Republican types are fond of the intellectually incurious, but c'mon, Enough is enough!

Seriously, instead of asking if she'd ever had any foreign policy experience, Charles Gibson should've asked Sarah Palin if she'd ever ridden in an elevator.

Anonymous said...

I think this is an incredible effort. I think its beautiful too.

Amazing inspiring post!!

Great pictures too.


Anonymous said...

Saw your sign on 106th & Northgate in Seattle on Friday afternoon. Nice work. Glad you're still making it up this way. Cheers! SeattleSA