Saturday, June 07, 2008


Introducing the McSloganator!

All signs and McSloganator courtesy of our guy in Phoenix.


Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on the progress that's being made in Iraq? Violence is down, attacks are down... good news, right? That means our boys will be coming home soon! You should be happy! :)

Anonymous said...

No amount of news spin or flag-waving naïveté will ever pay back the Iraqi people for the millions of dead and refugees that Bush's unnecessary invasion caused.

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

caterliz said...

We hear filtered news from the war monger mouthpieces in the media!!
The same people that talked up invading IRAQ are at it again

Bring the troops home &

Freewayblogger said...

Hey anonymous, Actually, I am glad to hear that violence is down from it's ALL TIME HIGH... Great news! And let's not forget about all those Iraqi schools that have nice shiny new coats of paint too! Well worth the sacrifice of three trillion dollars and 4,100 troops... at least so far as you're concerned. After all, it's not YOUR children who'll be paying for it, or your friends who are dying for it.

You've got to remember that not everyone is in your position, anonymous: it's a lot easier to support the war when you're childless, friendless, and too cowardly to sign up.

Anonymous said...

I only need one friend: Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I only need one friend: Jesus.

I hear He's not happy with you for sticking your head in the sand.

Unknown said...

Love the McSloganator! I will post it on my blogs, if I can figure out how. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anonymous #1. I have a number of thoughts on why the violence is down in Iraq. Sure, the surge had a bit part to play in this drama. Unfortunately, while the troops were surging, the usual disruptions to the lives of those deployed occurred. Babies were born with fathers abroad. Wives left husbands whose touch they had not known for many, many months. Fathers came home to children who didn't know them. Lives, limbs, vision, hearing and minds were left on the field of battle, lost to IEDs planted by resentful liberatees.

That's on our end. On the Iraqi end, the violence was down because the ethnic cleansing had played itself out during the previous 4 years of non-surge. 4.5 million Iraqis had either left their homes or their home country of Iraq. Most of them went to other nations in the Middle East, or to Europe, while we accepted only 750 refugees per year. Some thousands of Iraqis grateful for the downfall of Saddam were left to hang, to fend for themselves or to find another host nation while we comforted ourselves with the knowledge that they would not be welcomed in the US. We could fly Muslim-free, thanks to the Department of Homeland Security.

Thankfully, blessedly, we are now safe in our Golden Cage.

Steve Jones
Scottsdale, AZ
sjones at igc dot org

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1: What "progress" has been made? If a surgeon was supposed to remove a tumor (that didn't exist), but instead amputated the person's arm, then a prosthetic device would not be considered "progress".

McSloganator: Would you be willing to post some "slogans" bashing other candidates who ushered in the Iraq war? Hillary and Obama did nothing to stop (even authorized) the war. Now they are hiding behind "Democrat" just to cover their asses as they blame repeatedly Republicans for the mess they were just as much a player. These so-thought lesser evils (Dems) of this coming election are preparing for another vain holocaust (Iran and Pakistan) and dismal economy just as much as the horrible Reps. Maybe it is misperceived, but you look like just another bandwagoner.

I hope you rebut my comment (not block it).

Unknown said...

First off..Obama did not vote for the dare you, Anon, say other wise!

Second..BushCo would of stil found a way to go 'to war' was their goal and it was realized with the help of many of the Democrats.

The fact still was BushCo that dragged us into the war..and the slogans do not place specific blame..they only bring us the realization that the powers that be took us where we did not belong.

Anonymous said...

First those are some sweet, sweet color posters. I especially like the anti-McCain official looking one. Smooth headturner.

Living in Phoenix metro myself, I can attest that McCain is not well liked in AZ compared to the rest of the nation who appears infatuated. We know him for the vicious and nasty mother-Fer he is, too well.

As for attacking Hillary/Obama. Hill is done. Obama deserves much contempt for his continual votes to fund the war. But truthfully there is not much anti-Obama sentiment in AZ. Let the hard core KoolAid guzzling GOPer's have at it. I would be more than happy to show them how to make and hang a sign. I see not a bit of difference between McCain or Obama in policy, just words. And words never killed anyone, but policy kills and robs daily.