Friday, April 04, 2008

Borrowing Billboards for Obama

hi scarlet ~ our blogging friend jeff is all hot for obama so he commissioned us to "borrow" the blank billboard in mission valley, above qualcomm stadium, again last saturday morning. we cut out 6' letters - painted them white, and he made a black pvc frame that was 18' high. we hauled all the stuff - including a 20' ladder - up the mountainside at 6:15am - we even wore orange vests. we attached the letters with zip ties to the pvc frame and hauled the whole heavy mother up onto the billboard with ropes, tied it off on both sides so there was no damage to the billboard itself.

the sign's still up there, looking pretty awesome. i couldn't take too many pictures because they had me trucking around way up there on the edge of the billboard walkway too. don't know how you feel about obama but, you have to admit, it's impressive :-)))) peace,kate


AERIA Records said...

For the rest, there's master card :)

Anonymous said...

Keep a goin!

Anonymous said...

Great job!