Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ann Arbor, San Jose, Taiwan

Psychomike-o sent these in from Ann Arbor, and was proud to report that the "Troops Home N(ow)" shown above was not one of his, but the work of a copycat. This is the goal of the true freewayblogger: beyond just knowing that what you say will be read by many, the hope that by just putting up signs that enough people will see them so that maybe... just maybe... one or two of them will realize "Hey, I could do that too!"

Our man in Portland sent these in from Taiwan. The sign above reads "Bush: Evil Doer".

San Jose.

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TikiLoungeLizard said...

right on.
read about Mike Ferrer, ex-Navy corpsman (Vietnam era) and author of "Inside the Red Zone", and his arrest for spraypainting "troops out now" a freeway overpass. Maybe he should have known about our version of freeway blogging, but his heart is in the right place. Now he's been arrested for wearing a "Veterans for Peace" shirt at a VA medical center.
includes audio from radio interviews as well as a photo gallery

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Psychomikeo said...

one or two of them will realize "Hey, I could do that too!"
this is what I said when I first seen your site.

Too cool