Monday, July 17, 2006

Freewayblogger Paradise

Portland is amazing: a freewayblogger’s paradise. The freeways are like spaghetti: twisting and weaving through mountains and forests, with ramps and flyaways braiding and unbraiding into massive bridges, corridors and superstructures. There’s fencing everywhere, lining and overlooking practically every one of the hundreds of miles of freeway. If I lived here you wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere – Anywhere – without seeing signs against the war.

In just three hours of freewayblogging I was able to hit four major freeways, each direction, and saw that all but one of the signs I’d put up yesterday were still standing. Most all of the signs from yesterday and today were highly visible, so if you were driving in Portland this weekend there’s a good chance you saw my work.

Two or three freewaybloggers in Portland, that’s all it would take to reach damn near every driver in this town. Every day.

Meetup in Seattle.

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monkeyaker said...

Big fan- I totally saw your signs this weekend, and you put one up right by my house! I kept an eye on it for ya for a while- but someone must have taken it down. Thousands of people saw it- you're doing a great job!

beachblogger said...

nice work!
Free the Media!

Rick said...

I think all your signs are a waste of time. Everyone on the west coast already hates Bush. The election proved that. So you need to come East to get your message out. Otherwise you haven't done anything. The same people are going to vote the same thing. The idea of politica is not to preach to your base, you already have them. You need to preach to those who are on the other side and try to bring them over. Like the Repubs did with Joe liberman and Zell Miller.

Freewayblogger said...

Dearest Rick,
My "Base" are the people who put up signs, not the ones who drive by.

Rick said...

You are sooooo sweet, But don't you want to spread the word. The people who drive by are the voters. Just my thoughts.

Keep up the good work

Nate said...

Aloha Freeway...

I've uploaded your great new "How-To" video to YouTube and put up a post for it. Let me know if you want to stream it here and need someone to show you how.

How To Freeway Blog


seraphray said...

You most definitely have to "preach" to your base or you will lose them. Why do you think the Repubs bring out the red flags of gay marriage, flag burning amendment, pro-life, anti stem cell research every time a mid-term election or presidential election comes up? It brings out the base for the vote and energizes them. We need similar"reminders" everytime an election is coming up too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great video you put up at

I mirrored the email notice you sent for that video at ePluribus Media and had an inspired thought while doing so. Hope you'll stop by and consider it.

Thanks for your great work for years now!


Anonymous said...

howdy again. I just had to return to qualify my invitation to ePluribus. we've got a semiregular feature where our members post images of natural beauty ...'for our soul', typically, and i'd invited the thought you might do a sometime alternation with images that (without you knowing my sense of humour, might have come across the wrong way) would go under 'hilarity for our heart'.

to me, what you've done and spawned over the last few years is brilliant. i get a real kick of delight from seeing IMPEACH riding over what, interstate 5?

delight often makes me laugh but it certainly goes to my heart. and that is what i intended by 'hilarity for the heart'.

the power you've harnessed through so simple a medium is an example of 'elegance' in my book!

hope that i've corrected possible miscast impressions!


Chooch said...

Great job!!

And please do some that say: