Saturday, July 22, 2006

Arsenals of Democracy: Sawhorses & Retaining Walls

Roadside sawhorses on divided highways are probably the easiest (for you) and most maddening (for them) postings of the lot. Simply pull over, clip sign to back of sawhorse with binder clip and drive off. Depending on the frequency of exits, reaching your sign could require dozens of miles of driving for those who'd want to take it down.

This is how you attach large signs to retaining walls: with rocks. (Noting the Obvious: These postings are meant for retaining walls set back from lanes by greenbelt/open space, NOT directly over traffic.)

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Anne Johnson said...

I wish I was brave enough to do what you do, but I can hardly handle duct tape, let alone a sawhorse on a turnpike.

But I know what you mean about how hard it is to turn around some places. You should hit the PA Turnpike between Carlisle and Pittsburgh. In some places you drive 25 miles between exits.

Don't ask me how I found this out. It's too damned embarrassing.