Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Burning Issues


seraphray said...

Nice work on the juxtaposition of the red flag republican "issues" with a real issue - the death of innocents caused by Bushs' lie of a war. Just in time for the upcoming mid-term elections too. Perhaps we can share your image statements with our neighbors to the right and left on the web :) Would it make them think?.....

XeroxBlogger said...

Bushco Must Go!

They are despicable liars who love to distract people from their lies.

The only time they ever bring up the war is to instill terror and thus control the sheep.

Even if you can't freeway blog, at least blog your face.

Because your picture paints a thousand words!

Promote the Mugshot Project:

Over 60% favor impeachment.

Our goal is a mere 10 million mugshots.

We have 15 mugshots so far -- with dozens of commitments coming soon. We'd like thousands soon.

Please add your face to the project.

Show the liars that you're not afraid of their Pure Bullshit.

The more faces that post, the less power they have.

Step up to the plate.

One Mugshot at a Time!

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration and possible participation and support.


Annie said...

Brilliant, Scarlet.

Roxy the school police watch dog said...

Before we go to war with Iran, I would like know how you guys would handle it? Would you allow Iran to have Nuclear weapons? Just curious.

Rick said...

You know Bush is the first President that has been in office since this whole blogger thing started on the internet. I wonder what it is going to be like when a Democrat is in office. I know Republicans gave Clinton hell, but they really didn't have this kind of communications. All they had was liberal T.V. and talk radio. And I know all that happened was he got a blow job in the oval office. But if you are caught having sex at work don't you get fired. And this is proof not to mention the fact that is a proven lair. Actually theother day he said HE WOULD GET IN A DITCH AND DEFEND ISRAEL, BUT HE WON'T DEFEND HIS OWN COUNTRY. Of course at the time he was speaking to a Jewish college. So I am sure its just talk or a lie. Now what did George bush lie about WMDs. The same lie Clinton told, Kerry, Liberman, the other Clinton, and the rest of the Senate. The President does not declare war. He does not have the power to declare war. What we should be doing is finding out what happen to them. I am sure you all would have let the U.N. continue their inspection and every time they got close to the weapons Saddam would kick them out like he did several times in 14 years. The U.N., useless nations, they are the reason Israel is at war today. More unenforced U.N. resolutions. If the U.N. is not going to enforce their own laws what the point. Look what Jimmy Carter's did in N. Korea. We will give you nuclear technolgy just don't build bombs with it. How stupid do you have to be to give a communist country that kind of weapon. I look forword to blogging with when the President is a Democrat should be interesting.

Sadie Baker said...

I was not aware that Clinton was a proven lair. Was he a hidden lair? Like, pirates hid their treasure with him or something? Because that would be kind of cool.

Rick said...

He pleaded guilty to perjury the same crime you all want to hang Scooter Libby for. And he didn't even get a blow job out of it. Well maybe Dick Cheney gave him one, but that does not count as a real one.

seraphray said...

Dear Rick,

I can only pray you do get that chance to blog during a Democratic Presidency. Hopefully it will be in 2008 or you’ll have to wait at least another 4 years to find out. Whether or not this medium (the internet) was around in the past doesn’t matter – but actually it did exist in a robust form during the Clinton Presidency and was aptly used against him.

By the way Bush is a proven liar as well. He lied about why we went to war in iraq. You may recall that he changed his story about that over and over again. Bushes lies to the American people are on a gigantic level of magnitude greater than Clintons. And it was George W. Bush was selling his lies day in and day out – not Clinton, Kerry, or the Senate. Dick Cheney and other in the administration sure sold the lies on talk shows and talk radio though.

Rick, the problem is that Bushes lies have led thousands of American Servicemen and woman to die horrible deaths – tens of thousands of American wounded, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent of our taxpayers money. And its not over yet.

By the way, why are you still hung up on Clinton? Bush has been in office for 6 long years now. I don’t hear bloggers still bringing up Nixon and what he did to this country and his criminal activity. Maybe we should if you’re going to bring up the Clinton impeachment forever. By the way in case you haven’t caught on yet – the word is spelled ‘liar’ not ‘lair’.

Again you brought up Clinton in terms military service – well Bush seems to have ‘cut and run’ from military service when the Country needed him. John Kerry went to war and is a real hero (based on facts – not swift boater lies).

The United Nations is certainly not useless and has peacekeeping forces deployed around the world at this moment. Perhaps you think the USA should send more soldiers out to all areas of the globe instead of the UN??? By the way the US has refused to fully pay its dues to the UN for decades. Maybe they could do a better job if we paid up. Maybe the UN could enforce its own laws then. By the way the inspections found nothing – and they turned out to be right! So if Bush listened to the inspectors – which he completely disregarded, we might not be in this mess. So your rant about the United Nations is ill-informed and incorrect.

Finally about your point with Jimmy Carter and North Korea. Again – your living in the pat. But please research the facts so you don’t look bad. The USA sold nuclear technology to Iraq and Iran in the 1970’s and 80’s. We sold and gave huge amounts of weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan in the 1990’s. The US is the largest arms dealer in the world. Often our arms are sold to very nasty people and countries.

Well how stupid do you have to be to give Islamic Fundamentalist nations nuclear technology?

Again I really hope you get to blog while a Democratic president is in office. Hopefully in 2008.

Rick, it sounds to me like you are repeating a lot of conservative propaganda. Think about the war and how it came about for yourself. Try and remember who was on T.V. every day pushing it and changing the reasons for it. Rick this is something that is wrecking out country, killing and maiming our soldiers as well as countless innocents. It’s possible a new haven for terrorists has been created by this war. Please join us in fighting against this war and President Bush who has brought this ruin upon us.

Sadie Baker said...

Clinton cheated on his wife, and apparently this makes him unfit for public office, according to Republican standards.

So here's my question for you, Rick, which Republican are you supporting for 2008? The adulterer McCain, adulterer Guilani or adulterer Gingrich?

Anonymous said...

You are a piece of crap for perpetuating the exploitation of that dead child. I hope you pay for it.

seraphray said...

I guess pictures of the real cost of war disturb you, as they should. That's the whole point of the post. Obviously the father in the picture wanted to show the world what happened to his loved one. Do you think he was exploiting her? I don't think so. Unfortunately the mass media doesn't show what's realy going on. The war dead are cleansed from Americans fragile sensibilaties. There would be too much outrage against the war if people saw the truth. That wouldn't do for Bush. The only thing that's been exploited is the trust of the American people by the Bush administration. Help us out please and fight for the impeachment and resignation of this ruthless, heartless maniac.