Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yesterday's Mail: Two Letters from Canada

To: The Freeway Blogger


I am your archetypal Canadian neighbour, an old man now, who has lived in your country and even, for a time, went to school there. I've worked and studied in several of your states. For all that time, I was in awe of America's creative ingenuity, it's wealth-generating capabilities and capacity, and the notion that freedom and the empowerment of the individual could accomplish such wondrous things - for everybody - when channelled through the enthusiastic, surging effort of life-loving, freedom-loving, highly-intelligent people that I enjoyed so much being amongst.

Then I witnessed America gradually morph into the self-proclaimed world's policeman, marginalizing and denigrating the United Nations during that organization's nascent efforts to grow itself into a larger, balanced, global roll.

And that, unfortunately, was followed by the perfect storm: the symbiotic interlocking of the Republican neocons with the Christian right. And then came the war, predictably enough; yet another war, the current war. This one too has gone badly; wars which are of other than the not-for-profit or not-for God varieties seem to end up ultimately being hurtful to the prosecutors. It's a high price to pay, even for the initiating politicians, to create a protracted patriotic distraction for a populace which might otherwise quickly become restive over pressing issues closer to home.

So, now, with God apparently guiding George (there are possibly two Gods, at least: the one which, in the end, probably isn't; and the other one, Dick Cheney) you have a situation where a few very unusual people are empowered to wield the undisputed might of the American war machine in whatever direction they might feel inclined, against whomever they don't really like at the moment.

It gives some of us up here the shivers. For, up here, we have oil; more than most. We have fresh water, lots of it. We have softwood lumber, even more of which could go south for free. Are we perhaps somewhere near the front of America's queue of countries to be 'democratized' and 'liberated'? It's all a bit scary, if you live up here.

But then I'm old, and probably have too little to do other than to think and worry about what kind of world my grandchildren will inherit.

I am encouraged, though, to see that there are folks in America - tens if not hundreds of millions of you - who disapprove of what's going on, and who are taking initiatives such as yours. That quiet near-majority is probably standing, with stoic determination, behind a vanguard of the kind of Californians that I came to know and love. So, don't give this up. Do whatever you've gotta do to win back your country. You will, if you persist...I'd bet Monica's dress on it! That's why I'm writing this. To encourage you.

Bill, where are you when we need you? We all, on this continent, need you. Sigmund said it first: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. We've all had our chuckle; I'm rather regretful that it was at your expense. Talk to your people, again, like you're talking now to us. They loved you! So do we.

David (who respects, but doesn't fear, Goliath)

Dear Freewayblogger,

First of all, I absolutely love what you are doing and I think that you have a lot of guts for just speaking up to the bullsh*t that continues to flow from the White House. As Canadians, most of us know about the lies and their connection to the big (oil) business agenda being sold to Americans as a "war on terror". Sure there are a fair number of Islamic extremists who hate America but rather than deal with the seeds of violence that beset your great country in 2001, unfortunately there had been such incredible hubris as to dismiss it all until now. What's worse is that rather than dealing with the problems underlying terrorism and anti-Western sentiment, George W. Bush and his cronies have chosen to use those issues to smokescreen a major money-grab for their rich political supporters. All the while, the rest of the world shakes its proverbial head in utter disbelief. We just don't understand why this "criminal" was re-elected.

But we're just at ignorant here in Canada it seems. As you may know we have troops actively fighting a so-called "war on terror" in Afghanistan; essentially hunting down Taliban. Most of our citizens aren't really sure why our troops are even there. They think that we're just supporting the American troops. The truth is that Canada is also engaged in a war with questionable motives and even more questionable legalities. In speaking with a friend who works in National Defense the other day, he indicated to me (over a cup of coffee) that we're over there killing "suspected terrorists" and "active enemy combatants". I'm not sure what to do about all of this.

Every day that I wake up I feel like the world is becoming more corrupt, violent and offensive to our collective future. I'd like to start something up here but I'm not sure if it would make any difference. Did you ever feel that way? Do you ever worry about being audited or harassed in any way by your government? You've made me think about my voice. That's a start. Maybe I'll come up with something useful to do that will help shape the majority of Canadians' voices because we don't want these wars. Most of us don't even want our current (right-leaning) Prime Minister because of his "deep integration" strategy with the U.S. Thanks for reading this. Let me know if there's anything a Canadian can do about this Iraq war nonsense.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Interview with "Wo Ist Amerika?"

"I don't think we should pull all U.S. Troops out of Iraq...

just the ones that aren't Sunni, Shiite or Kurdish."

FB - 319

USA - 317

Friday, May 26, 2006

Greeting Cheney in San Diego

Funniest Headline Ever

Let's Make Money Our Official Language!

Actually, we already have. If you've got a million dollars to invest in a company or venture hiring at least ten people not related to you, you're officially one of the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free." We don't care if you speak Spanish, English, Kurdish or Thai, so long as you've got the benjamins, you're in.

As far as the recent Senate Vote is concerned, I think that was just the Senate's way of telling Puerto Ricans, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and Inuits to lighten up.

Once Around the Bay

Put these up the day before yesterday on the 80,
101, 92 and 280 in San Francisco, Berkeley,
San Mateo, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz and Marin.

When I checked up on them yesterday,
all but two of them were still up. How many
people saw them in the meantime? A lot.

Does sticking signs up like this really do
any good? I don't know. For some reason
the people who founded this country
felt it was important that people like me,
and you, be able to do this... seems to me
that the least we could do is give it a shot.

One thing I do know: it's a hell of a lot of fun.

FB - 317
USA - 317

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

George Bush Speaks Spanish.

Stephen Colbert was not funny.
Helen Thomas is old and batty.
Mexicans are taking our jobs.
Iraq sent its WMDs to Syria.
Democrats don't want to wiretap terrorists.
Joe Wilson admitted that Valerie Plame wasn't covert.
Karl Rove has a faulty memory.
Scooter Libby has a faulty memory.
Tom DeLay is like Jesus Christ.
No one could have anticipated that the levees would be breached.
We do not torture.
There is no global warming.
There is global warming, but humans didn't cause it.
John F. Kerry is a flip-flopper.
George W. Bush is a decider.
John McCain is a straight-shooter.
Dick Cheney is a sober shooter.
Nobody at the White House knows Jack Abramoff.
The economy is great.
Evolution isn't supported by the facts.
We've turned a corner in Iraq.
There's a war on Christmas.
There's a war on Easter.
There's no civil war in Iraq.
Up is down.
Black is white.

Much, Much More.

California Dept. of Corrections

California Department of Corrections