Friday, May 12, 2006

Divided Highways

A few weeks ago a section of Highway One called “Devil’s Slide” was closed indefinitely, forcing almost all coast-to-peninsula traffic to take Highway 92 to and from Half Moon Bay, shown above. The westbound traffic is a nightmare during rush hour.

Note the concrete barrier and the line of sight dynamics of this placement, a freewayblogging classic: Those who can see it can’t get to it, those who can get to it can’t see it. Always be on the lookout for spots like these, particularly on divided highways.

I can't emphasize enough the sheer fun and gamesmanship of freewayblogging: The constant battle of wits that takes place between you and your opponents... Above and beyond the competitive and intellectual challenges though, lies the sheer thrill of Actually Doing Something. Even though I've done close to three thousand signs now, that thrill never goes away.

Man I love this job.


PTCruiser said...

You do know that that sign is still up. I drove down there at about 20 mph due to traffic this past Tuesday and saw the sign. I thought to myself, "F*cking Brilliant!" There is no easy way to get to that sign, no matter how pissed you might be to see it there. And at 20 mph, you've got plenty of time to look at it.

Anonymous said...

Love your work, its brilliant.
But its highway 92, not 93. Just in case you got someone confused.
Otherwise, thanks for all the work you do.