Monday, February 25, 2019

San Diego/Orange County

 "Silence is the ultimate weapon of power."

 - Charles de Gaulle

 First Amendment Protected signs placed along Interstates 5, 15 and 405 in Orange and San Diego Counties.

Above is next to southbound 5 and only visible to northbound traffic. Removal requires a 20+ mile detour some 75,000 cars per day probably won't be making.
Whenever driving, look for spots like this on divided highways with few exits.
Posting Method: rocks on cardboard flap.
Posting Time: approximately 7 seconds.

 El Toro Rd, Irvine CA. Requires a 50' walk from quiet cul-de-sac parking, generally up for days at 160,000+ cars per day.
 If you want to play the game, you have to Make The Signs.

With a commanding view of southbound 5 and invisible to northbound, this fence tucked behind bushes in a quiet corner of the San Onofre 5 north rest stop is a classic can't-get-there-from-here posting spot. Even though it's only 500 feet from its audience, it's gonna cost you about 30 miles if you want to take it down. Beautiful drive though...
 Sign above is another easy-to-see/impossible-to-reach masterpiece. Ultra-high visibility to both south and northbound 5 at just north of the 78 interchange. The only exit that’ll get to it is Cassidy St., which is southbound only and happens before you can see the sign. If you’re northbound you have to turn around three miles ahead, double back to Cassidy, take down the sign and then… well, you’ll make it back eventually. But historically, some 200,000 of you a day (minus night,) aren’t going to do that for a few days at least.

Signs above and below are on I-15 in San Diego. 
Posting method: Slide Cardboard between rails and fencing. 
Posting time: approximately 11 seconds.
Duration: Two days last I checked.

Signs Posted since 2003 - 7,664
Arrests - 0

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