Sunday, May 24, 2015

East Bay

 “We have met the enemy and he is us.” – Walt Kelly
 Signs placed on I-80 and 580 in Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond and Vallejo.
“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” - H.G. Wells

 "If your morals make you dreary, depend on it they are wrong." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"The definition of beauty is easy; it's what leads you to desperation." - Paul Valery
Signs Posted - 7,066

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Orange County

 "You're on earth. There's no cure for that."
-Samuel Beckett
 Signs placed on the 55 and 405 in Orange County, California.
  “A civilization is not destroyed by wicked people; it is not necessary that they be wicked but only that they be spineless.” -James Baldwin

     "The love that lasts longest is the love that is never returned."            - W. Somerset Maughm

"Power dements even more than it corrupts." - Will Durant
Signs Posted - 7,058

Monday, May 04, 2015

Los Angeles

"Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice." - Will Durant
 Signs placed on the 5, 10, 101 and 110 freeways in Los Angeles.
"Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them." 
- Laurence J. Peter
 "80% of Republicans are just Democrats who don't know what's going on." -Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
 "If you don't change your beliefs your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?" - W. Somerset Maughm
 "The earth laughs in flowers." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
 "The Holy Land is everywhere." - Black Elk
 "Words are all we have." - Samuel Beckett
Signs Posted - 7,049