Monday, November 28, 2005


The purpose of this blog is to promote free political speech by individuals to as many of their fellow citizens as possible, specifically by painting signs and placing them on or near freeways. The advantages of freeway signposting over more traditional venues of political expression are many, and much of this writing will be devoted to convincing you to try it. Yes, you.

For more information and examples go here:

Although I could rhapsodize forever about why more people need to do this, the chief advantages are these:

1)The numbers are staggering. Depending on where and how you place it, a sign that cost you a nickel to make can be seen by over 250,000 people per day.

2) Free Political Speech is not only your right, it's your patriotic duty. When the founding fathers gave us the right to free speech, they didn't do it just because it seemed like a neat idea at the time, they did it for a reason and at least part of that reason was to allow any of us to sound the f-ing alarm if we thought our country was going to hell. It is.

3) It's a Hell of a Lot of Fun. Believe it. Pursued to its maximum effect, freewayblogging combines the arts and sciences of rhetoric, graphic design, engineering, psychology and guerrilla warfare. And it's perfectly legal. Sort of. We'll talk about that more later.

Six Water Heater Boxes and a Small Can of Paint...
The above took me about three hours of painting with foam brushes and an overhead projector. The signs were placed on freeways in between San Diego and San Francisco over Thanksgiving.

Everything You Need...
Pretty much everything you need to start painting and posting signs can be found right here: Cardboard, paint, brushes, duct-tape, hammer, nails, bungee cords, boxcutter and a bunny. You don't actually need the bunny, but they're fun to have around.

Don't restrict yourself to overpasses. Anything you can see while driving is a place you can post a sign and it'll be read. If you can see their windshields, they can see your sign. The harder it is to get to, the longer it'll stay up.


kim said...

It's very cathartic to paint the signs, a zen quality comes over one when brush is in hand, the frustration is brushed away, finally, I can do some thing to make me feel less powerless.

Pissed Off Dame said...

I get very tired trying to stay in the race and then I remember how much I hate them and what they have done to our country, and what they continue to do to our country and others. Strength through anger is powerful!

Pissed Off Dame said...


Pissed Off Dame said...

Hmmm tags don't work.

Tom Marshall said...

I do shop-dropping. Just as fun, and I can do it everywhere I go.